About Us

About L’amour Bride


L’amour Bride is founded in 2010 and is the first company with own high-end Japanese bridal couture designs. Our brand design is originated by Mr. Kyohei from Kyoto, Japan and brand design director, Ceci Chung. Elegant and high end bridal couture is crucial in a dream wedding ceremony. Japanese bridal couture emphasizes the elements of cutting, details, stereoscopic design and hand making. Our bridal couture utilizes high end raw materials with delicate finishing, and let brides to be “the one” in their wedding ceremony . Meanwhile, we gather the elements of elegance such as Swarovski crystal, French lace, Japanese hollow out technique, embroidery, stereoscopic craft flowers, silk and Charmeuse into our bridal couture. We give our pray to brides that the bridal couture would become a master piece of art that shines with a forever diamond as their marriage.


Our Mission


Wedding ceremony is the beginning of a marriage, and a wedding couture means the spirit in this transition stage. We insist to make every couture to be the work of art and give bride and groom the most charming image. Furthermore, we would like to be your friend to give advice on every details of a wedding ceremony.


Our Sub-brands


L’amour ROSA- Sweet & Gorgeous: young style with layers and details

L’amour ROMANZA – Gentle with Romance: emphasize cutting, simple but stylish

L’amour Groom Tuxedo: simple but stylish tuxedo

L’amour Bride Kimono Evening Gown: the first design mixed with traditional kimono fabric and evening couture in Hong Kong. Sweet and gorgeous styles costs 1,000,000 yen.


Our Services


Japanese bridal couture, Wedding gown, Evening gown, Tuxedo, Bridesmaid dress, Kimono Evening Gown, Japanese Bridal Make Up, Studio Photography, Pre-Wedding Photography, Wedding Day Photography, Wedding Planner Service, MC Service, bouquet.